Palouse painting 2

I’m getting ready to take this off my easel and start something new, so I’m sharing.  This is a view from the Palouse done in pastels.  I’m so much happier with this than the watercolors.palouse-hills-pastel


The Palouse Hills

Just spent 5 days in the Palouse Hills in eastern Washington, taking a landscape workshop with Tom Hoffman.  It was really hard to paint those hills and I didn’t do anything I was happy with.  But when I came home I reworked my last painting and it’s got a sense of the abstract that Tom is pushing us toward and I like it, so here it is.  I intend to keep working on these this summer so hopefully you’ll see the progression:



I’m taking a botanical art class and I just stopped working on this study of a dogwood. I’m not sure it’s done, but I’m sharing for now.


The Methow in the morning

I haven’t done any landscapes for a while and thought I should start again since I’m going to paint in the Palouse in May.  This is from a photo taken on my last art trip to the Methow Valley last year. It kind of works, which is more than I usually think about my landscapes!



I’ve been painting this and that for the last week, so here are some pictures for you.

Today’s birds:


Just finished an abstract watercolor class last week – here are my two favorite paintings:

And some sheep, of course!!



It’s been a while

I haven’t posted on here in quite some time and some good friends recently asked me to post what I’ve been up to.  I’ve been taking art classes, at least two every quarter, since I last posted.  I’ve taken some workshops as well and of course I’ve been working away here in my home studio.  Mostly I’ve been doing homework for my classes, re-learning to draw and use watercolors and I haven’t done too much that just feeds my soul.  But I’m working my way back around to that.  So here are some things I’ve done in 2018 – from my sketchbook:




This quarter I’m learning about drawing birds, but I couldn’t resist the colors – my writing is horrible – next I need to learn calligraphy!


And what’s fun on my easel right now?


Sheep are where my heart is!

Hope you enjoyed this catch-up. I will post more often going forward.  Alexis

Sheep again…

Well, I’m back to wanting to post some paintings to help make myself more accountable to myself!  I’ve set some goals to work on my drawing skills, get more movement in my work and take myself to another level with what I’m doing.  So if you’re interested in seeing my work, it will be posted here.  If you don’t want to keep receiving this email, just let me know.  Enjoy!  These are some sheep – I was experimenting with color.  Comments are always wanted, welcome and encouraged.