Day 30!!!

Wow, this challenge went fast and I’ve learned so much.  I’m so much more comfortable with watercolors now, more than I ever was when I was working with them exclusively. And I’m simplifying more every day, in my search for a feeling of serenity in my work.  Thanks for sharing this with me.



Day 29 – My favorite

Since I’ve been here in Hawaii I’ve been trying to simplify and today I finally think I did it and I like this very much – hope the photo shows it off:


Day 27 – Hapuna Beach

Here’s a painting from my travel journal, done today at the beach, in watercolor.  I only have 3 more days left on this 30 day challenge. I haven’t decided whether I should keep up the blog – I will still be painting every day. If I do continue and you would rather not get the mail, please just let me know.  Thanks!


Day 26

I woke up and read an art blog about how to keep things simple, so that was my goal today.  But instead I would up with way more detail than I wanted.  That’s the way it goes sometime.  Off for a fun day, so I’m posting early.  Not that everyday here hasn’t been fun!!


Day 24 – lots of painting today

I woke up around 5:15 and there’s not much to do when I’m trying to be quiet but to paint.  So I used a photo from the beach as a reference and did this, quickly so as not to overwork it:


Then we headed to the beach a bit later and I did two little watercolors in my travel journal. I was sitting low down, so the rocks seem bigger than they were:







Day 23

A gorgeous day at Mauna Kai beach – the water was calm and turquoise.  Wish I felt my attempt to paint it captured it, but I’ll keep trying.  Plein aire painting is very different than working in my comfy studio, with all of the supplies I could want.


Day 22

Thank you to everyone who’s been commenting.  I really appreciate it.  It’s the first time I’m being open with my work on a daily basis, so it’s good to hear the lovely compliments and kind words.  I may not respond as much while I’m on vacation, but know I’m seeing your comments.

It’s another beautiful day here, hardly a wisp of white in a perfectly blue sky.  I’ve been painting early, from our patio, so not much sky out there.  I’ll have to get to painting on the beach soon.  Here’s today’s fun with watercolor and pastel: