Goat time!

I haven’t painted much this week and talked myself into it today.  I keep looking at the sheep from the beginning of my 30 day challenge and they make me happy.  So today I painted a goat.  Some of you may recognize this goat, my muse for a terrific painting class a few years ago already.  Thought he could make me smile again:



The roses are faded

So I thought I’d do a few quick color sketches, just to do some painting today. There is very little red left now:


Artwork redux

I had a terrific get-together with my artist friend Kathryn this week and she took the time to go through every one of these 30 day paintings and critique them. I learned so much, and saw things in my work that I hadn’t been able to see myself.  So part of what I’m working on now is taking that feedback and seeing what happens.  I might just edit a work, or I might try it again or who knows!  Here’s my first rework – the first image is my new work, below is the original post (the lighting and camera may be different which would account for the blues being a bit different).  I’d love to hear your thoughts.




Red Roses

My sweet Doug gave me red roses for Valentine’s Day and I thought I should try to paint them a few times.  Here’s my first try – they are hard to do and I will be doing this a few more times for sure:


At Hapuna Beach

Thank you to everyone who wrote yesterday and encouraged me to keep going and for all of the nice compliments about my work. I will continue with this, but if you want to be taken off the mailing list, just let me know.

Here’s a painting from my journal today. It was clear out and not hazy: