Day 30

This is the last day of my 30 day challenge.  I didn’t quite make 30 paintings, but I came close and I sure pushed myself to paint every day, which was the goal.  Thanks for following along.  I will occasionally post going forward.  Here’s a view from Lake Crescent.  I was trying to use the palette of colors I’m taking next week when I go plein aire painting  next week in the Methow Valley with Tom Hoffman, a local watercolor artist. I slipped a little pastel in there too!




Day 29

Another sketchbook entry.  I’m not sure I like doing the text very much, but it’s a learning experience. I feel like I should have put a kitty on the blanket.  Maybe next time:


Day 26

This self-imposed challenge is nearing an end and I’m feeling pretty good about it.  I’m inching closer to a sense of what I like and want to do more of.  Thanks all for looking.  Here’s another from my sketch book; hollyhocks in Mt. Vernon:


Day 25

My sketchbook class teacher suggested we look through some old photographs for inspiration.  This is from a photo of Doug’s mom, Jan, back when she was young.  I don’t know what year, but I loved the light and shadows in the original photo, so I simplified it down to this:


Day 23

I’ve been working on this for a few days and even though I think it needs more work, I want to move on!!  It’s a similar set up to the watercolor I did a few days ago – this is pastel:


Day 18

Well, I’ve been working on this for a long time today, and when I finally photographed it I could see all of the problems!  Oh well – here it is.  I plan to do it again in another medium, so you’ll see that soon (not today!):