Chickadee in Winter

I’ve been home sick all week, but today I finally felt like I could do some work on this.  It’s the second in my series of the chickadees in motion – needs a bit more work, but I wanted to see it here.  Helps me to see the issues!  Enjoy!



8 thoughts on “Chickadee in Winter

  1. Hi Alexis,
    Jan told me that you were sick. I’m so sorry to hear that. The trip will help with recovery!
    I’m quite partial to chickadees and am enjoying the paintings very much.

    Be well and have a good time in the sun.
    Kindest regards,


  2. Alexis,
    Glad you felt well enough to do a little painting. I love the chickadee in flight and the movement in the background.
    Carol E.


  3. Dearest Alexis,
    So sorry you’re sick; hope you feel better very soon. Your trip to a wonderfully warm climate should help.
    I didn’t notice the legs on your first chickadee and therefore didn’t get that it was in flight. But I did see them in this one, and the background helped a great deal and encouraged me to understand the movement you intended me to feel.
    Much love,


    1. Glad this painting was more successful in giving you the sense of flight. It’s all part of the learning for me! I’m feeling better – taking antibiotics for strep throat – so I’m over the hump now. Thanks for writing! love always, Lex


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