Sheep again…

Well, I’m back to wanting to post some paintings to help make myself more accountable to myself!  I’ve set some goals to work on my drawing skills, get more movement in my work and take myself to another level with what I’m doing.  So if you’re interested in seeing my work, it will be posted here.  If you don’t want to keep receiving this email, just let me know.  Enjoy!  These are some sheep – I was experimenting with color.  Comments are always wanted, welcome and encouraged.



8 thoughts on “Sheep again…

  1. Baaaaaa. Love sheep!
    Alexis, would you like to go to the Vashon Island Sheep Dog trials and watch sheep herding contents? Give me a jingle!
    PS: Are you sure you don’t want to learn to spin?


  2. I would love to go to the Vashon Island Sheep Dog trials! But I have commitments on that Saturday and Sunday already. Could you go on the Thursday or Friday?


  3. Lovely colors, and the faces look more sheepish than previously. I love to look at sheep, so your choice of them as an ongoing theme sounds great to me.


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